Experience Deeper Emotional Healing
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There is no question that energy medicine can solve a lot of deep rooted emotional pain but by itself may not always be the answer. 

There are more factors at play as stressors will slow down or prevent complete emotional healing. 

Your emotional health is affected by your gut health so it's important to have a mindset where you eat to live and not live to eat.  This means you need to be mindful of what goes into your body.  Your body, mind and spirit will thrive with the right food, and there are natural healing practitioners who can guide you to get the right nutritional support needed for your body.

Living with financial stress negatively affects your well-being.  Make a plan to clear up unnecessary debt and if needed take action today to get you back on track.

The environment which is another key factor contributing to emotional health can also affect energy levels. Your body is linked to the environment so you want to be mindful of toxins, biological substances such as mold or pollution from human made electronic devices.  Whenever possible, create an environment that will be conducive to improving how every cell functions in your body.

Unresolved relationship issues or ongoing conflicts negatively affect our emotional and mental state of mind.  There are a lot of tools that will help get you on the right path and many people who can guide or help you get through the rough times if needed.  Any resistance you feel about getting help will diminish as you take your first step and follow through.

Our lifestyles are not great for providing optimal posture as most of our jobs encourage us to sit still for hours at a time.  Energy and healing energy has difficulty flowing where there are blocks or physical pain which in turn can affects one's emotional health.  The good news is there are a lot of solutions that could work for you to get your body in shape. Research and seek them out.  In my case I use a few forms of therapy which have helped me get out of pain. They have included yoga and pilates classes, laser treatments, chiropractic, bioresonance and myofascial release to name a few.  

It may seem overwhelming to a newbie but I encourage you pick the low hanging fruit, and tackle those issues first. 

This is a process and it takes time so don't beat yourself up.  Set the direction and you will eventually pick up speed!

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