Experience Deeper Emotional Healing
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Key Points

  • Working on your emotional issues creates upward MOMENTUM.
  • It is NEVER too late to start!
  • Reduce emotional  pain and stress to add LIFE TO YOUR YEARS.

Four Levels To Emotional Healing: Existing, Awaking, Restoring and Thriving

There are four levels to emotional healing for human beings:

  • Level 1 - Existing
  • Level 2 - Awaking
  • Level 3 - Restoring
  • Level 4 - Thriving

Each level represents a person's state and can be summarized by the following main points.

four level existing
  • Little is being done by individuals in terms of deeply addressing internal feelings or emotional state of mind, except when faced with no other choice.
  • Living in the past. Highly influenced by social conditioning.
  • Energetically interconnected to a sociology based on fear, where the most prevalent fears in this segment of society being: worthlessness and abandonment.
  • Vulnerable to experiencing significant pain working through relationship issues.


four level awaking
  • The beginning toward self-discovery for heart-centered people.
  • People at the Awaking level are actively searching for deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. As they progress through this level, they develop their intuition and guidance.
  • Some become increasingly sensitive to the energies surrounding them.
  • This level takes conscious and active effort from the individual to move from fear to love based thoughts.


four level restoring
  • At this level a person will experience a significant realignment of Spirit as core emotional issues heal. Here, the search for one's truth is at the forefront of one's emotional healing.
  • What once seemed difficult and impossible becomes easier with forward momentum and time. Forgiveness becomes achievable and there is significantly less judgement of self and others.
  • As layers close off and heal, stressors are reduced in the mind, body and spirit.  Heart pain diminishes and you add significant life to your years.
  • The process of healing self in turn provides an opportunity for healing of others.


four level thriving
  • At this level, most of the deepest emotional issues have been closed off and healed, allowing the flow of healthy loving energies through a person's energy field.
  • One is able to live for today and in the moment without needing their mind to protect them from the past.  You wake up happy and go to bed happy.
  • It is easier to help others who want to transition to higher levels. People with and without awareness are attracted to this person's Light.
  • A person at this level has a mastery of their gifts and will continue to add more as they progress.  They have tools and access to support groups to help them work through emotionally hurtful situations or can heal from them with ease.

A significant part of society is at Level 1 - Existing, where internal gratification stems from external sources.  If you are reading this article, then you are most likely at Level 2 - Awaking or higher.

At which level do you believe you primarily function?

And why would anyone care?  

Because moving up through the levels provides huge benefits for emotional well-being, happiness and peace of mind.  As emotional pain heals, so does the mind, body and spirit.  And as mentioned in Level 3 - Restoring, reduced heart pain and stress adds life to your years!

A person who functions at Level 4 - Thriving has worked through their major roadblocks and is in a position where they can follow their passion.

ability to quickly heal emotional pain

The good news is that it's never too late to start working on your heart.  In order to move up in the scale, you need to create upward momentum.


Upward momentum is built by regularly getting in touch with your spiritual side and healing your past.  Not addressing heart issues blocks upward momentum.

Heart healing is a gift that only you can give yourself.