Experience Deeper Emotional Healing

Heart-Centered Lightworkers Mastermind Group

Are you a lightworker actively involved in the healing arts domain? Do you have an online platform created and want to interact with supportive and like-minded people who will challenge you to grow and achieve further?

If you have answered yes to both questions, then you might be interested in joining the Heart-Centered Lightworkers Mastermind Group.

The group's mandate is to help members grow their existing businesses while:

  • Getting inspired
  • Bouncing ideas off of other members and providing feedback on their ideas
  • Sharing strategies and tactics with people who can pull you higher, and push you to grow in every way to achieve your goals
  • Being held accountable to a higher standard.
  • Seeing a bigger vision for yourself and for the people around you
  • Taking clues from people who connect at a high level
  • Participating in a balanced shared conversation

and that's not all...

  • Making valuable connections and fantastic friends
  • Translating your growth into other areas of your life

The Heart-Centered Lightworkers Mastermind Group comes together online to support each other for 1-2 hours each month.  Members also interact with other members through email or closed Facebook group.  All members commit to attending each monthly online meeting. 

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