Experience Deeper Emotional Healing

What Is Emotional Healing?

Emotional healing is the process of healing the root cause of negatively charged emotions such as depression, anger, sadness, guilt, hate and arrogance, and which manifest themselves into broken relationships, anxiety, unhappiness and low self-esteem among many others.

Part of the emotional healing process includes bringing in positive energies such as love, peace and joy.

emotional healing

  • Al's Emotional Healing Formula

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  • Coaching

    What has your heart been trying to tell you?

    There comes a time in our life we realize that listening to our heart is probably one of the most important things we can do for ourself.  At the same time, it can also be pretty scary and overwhelming.

    Most people don't know where to start nor do they have the support structure needed to get them through challenging times.

    had to walk through that door myself and have been helping people move beyond their emotional pain for over 15 years.

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    • Ongoing email follow up and support

    Program length: 3 month minimum.  Anything less than three months is not enough time to absorb and make the necessary adjustments for long lasting change.

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  • Four Levels To Emotional Healing

    Key Points

    • Working on your emotional issues creates upward MOMENTUM.
    • It is NEVER too late to start!
    • Reduce emotional  pain and stress to add LIFE TO YOUR YEARS.

    Four Levels To Emotional Healing: Existing, Awaking, Restoring and Thriving

    There are four levels to emotional healing for human beings:

    • Level 1 - Existing
    • Level 2 - Awaking
    • Level 3 - Restoring
    • Level 4 - Thriving

    Each level represents a person's state and can be summarized by the following main points.

    four level existing
    • Little is being done by individuals in terms of deeply addressing internal feelings or emotional state of mind, except when faced with no other choice.
    • Living in the past. Highly influenced by social conditioning.
    • Energetically interconnected to a sociology based on fear, where the most prevalent fears in this segment of society being: worthlessness and abandonment.
    • Vulnerable to experiencing significant pain working through relationship issues.


    four level awaking
    • The beginning toward self-discovery for heart-centered people.
    • People at the Awaking level are actively searching for deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness. As they progress through this level, they develop their intuition and guidance.
    • Some become increasingly sensitive to the energies surrounding them.
    • This level takes conscious and active effort from the individual to move from fear to love based thoughts.


    four level restoring
    • At this level a person will experience a significant realignment of Spirit as core emotional issues heal. Here, the search for one's truth is at the forefront of one's emotional healing.
    • What once seemed difficult and impossible becomes easier with forward momentum and time. Forgiveness becomes achievable and there is significantly less judgement of self and others.
    • As layers close off and heal, stressors are reduced in the mind, body and spirit.  Heart pain diminishes and you add significant life to your years.
    • The process of healing self in turn provides an opportunity for healing of others.


    four level thriving
    • At this level, most of the deepest emotional issues have been closed off and healed, allowing the flow of healthy loving energies through a person's energy field.
    • One is able to live for today and in the moment without needing their mind to protect them from the past.  You wake up happy and go to bed happy.
    • It is easier to help others who want to transition to higher levels. People with and without awareness are attracted to this person's Light.
    • A person at this level has a mastery of their gifts and will continue to add more as they progress.  They have tools and access to support groups to help them work through emotionally hurtful situations or can heal from them with ease.

    A significant part of society is at Level 1 - Existing, where internal gratification stems from external sources.  If you are reading this article, then you are most likely at Level 2 - Awaking or higher.

    At which level do you believe you primarily function?

    And why would anyone care?  

    Because moving up through the levels provides huge benefits for emotional well-being, happiness and peace of mind.  As emotional pain heals, so does the mind, body and spirit.  And as mentioned in Level 3 - Restoring, reduced heart pain and stress adds life to your years!

    A person who functions at Level 4 - Thriving has worked through their major roadblocks and is in a position where they can follow their passion.

    ability to quickly heal emotional pain

    The good news is that it's never too late to start working on your heart.  In order to move up in the scale, you need to create upward momentum.


    Upward momentum is built by regularly getting in touch with your spiritual side and healing your past.  Not addressing heart issues blocks upward momentum.

    Heart healing is a gift that only you can give yourself.

  • How Come I Get Upset Every Time...

    Find out about belief structures and how they affect your life.

  • The Importance Of Integrating Energy Medicine Into Emotional Healing

    Key Points

    • Energy medicine is a key component needed to complete deep emotional healing and achieving well-being.
    • Not all energy medicine treatment protocols heal core issues.
    • Issues of the heart which seem impossible to resolve, become manageable and can even heal completely.

    Let's start with What Is Energy Medicine?  If you search the internet for Energy Medicine, you will get a few different definitions.  Here's my definition:

    Every living being has an energy field.  Energy Medicine is the process of applying the right vibration in an attempt to maintain or restore the recipient to their optimal state.

    Examples of using energy medicine: 

    • Taking a warm bath with Epsom salts.
    • Receiving a gentle touch on the shoulder from a loving friend.
    • Placing a drop of rose essential oil on the heart chakra.
    • Receiving a healing session from a gifted healer.
    • Enjoying a powerful guided meditation class that brings light to an issue you wanted to resolve.
    • Taking some time out and reconnecting with nature.
    • Wearing an EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) pendant.
    • Visiting a sacred site.
    • Giving oneself energy healing.

    As you can see, there are a myriad of things that transfer healing energy and each has its place.  Not all of those listed above can provide a profound healing effect on your core, however there is always a benefit as they are all part of the healing process.  

    Healing energy clears out darkness and allows light to come in, thus raising your vibration.  Issues of the heart which can seem impossible to resolve become manageable and can even heal completely.

    The image below depicts a comprehensive view of interconnections which promote emotional healing.  Energy medicine contributes to emotional healing but is also essential from a holistic perspective.

    Holistic Emotional Healing Wheel Of Life

    Energy medicine either by itself or integrated into other aspects of one's life is a key factor in providing deep emotional healing and well-being.  It also helps maintain and enhance emotional health.

    This site's focus is toward providing information in regards to integrating energy medicine into your emotional healing regimen, allowing for healthier relationships.  

    I encourage you to seek out experts who can also assist with the other areas of your life; Optimum Health, Healthy Food Sources, Healthy Environment and Adequate Wealth.  There are many areas to explore but keep in mind that it's about taking baby steps.  Pick one thing and focus on it until you have reached a comfortable level, then move on to the next.

    The image below is depicting that the Healthy Relationships circle is affected by beliefs about: Self, God and Other.

    Comprehensive Emotional Healing Wheel Of Life Extended Healthy Relationships

    Energy Medicine when used appropriately heals the root cause and clears destructive beliefs, allowing you to reach your true potential as a human being.  

    The issues listed below are referencing Self, God or Other, and can be applied in more than one category.  This is not a comprehensive list but rather some examples.


    Healing beliefs about self can address many issues including the following:

    • Negative self-talk
    • Issues of sexuality
    • Being comfortable with who you are
    • Procrastination
    • Loss of loved one
    • Sadness
    • Emptiness



    Healing beliefs about God can address many issues including the following:

    • Anger feeling that God is not there when needed
    • Belief in lack of guidance
    • Closed spiritual chakra and acceptance of others
    • Judgement of self and others
    • Low life force energy
    • A reliance on religion or organized spirituality

    Healing beliefs about God does not mean that you need to believe with certainty that God exists.



    Healing beliefs about Other (People, places and things not included in the other two categories) can address many issues including the following

    • Interconnections with hurtful people, habits or environments
    • Need for external praise from others
    • Hurtful childhood
    • Problematic relationships with family or friends
    • Unfulfilling sexual relationships
    • Stressors related to social identity

    As a person heals, any unlocked energy integrates with the Mind, Body and Spirit, and then starts pushing out the next layer for healing.  Healing emotional pain brings us closer to balance and who we are.  It allows higher energies to enter our lives and promote well-being.

    Overcoming our deepest pain makes space for inner peace, joy and high self-esteem amongst many other positive energies.