Experience Deeper Emotional Healing

What Is Emotional Healing?

Emotional healing is the process of healing the root cause of negatively charged emotions such as depression, anger, sadness, guilt, hate and arrogance, and which manifest themselves into broken relationships, anxiety, unhappiness and low self-esteem among many others.

Part of the emotional healing process includes bringing in positive energies such as love, peace and joy.


  • 15 Key Ways To Become And Stay Grounded On The Earth Plane

    Let's start by the term grounded. What does it mean? Grounded is a state where one is fully present in their body and therefore not easily influenced by the disruptive thoughts or activities around them.

    Someone who is not well grounded may not be conscious of their debilitating thoughts which can trigger some of these symptoms:

    • Unable to fully concentrate
    • Frequent daydreamer
    • Accident prone
    • Difficulty handling stress
    • Experience general irritation or loss of temper

    So how does grounding happen?  It happens once you remove or heal the cause of the energy negatively affecting your energetic body.  It can be done by releasing blocks or raising your vibration so you are stronger than the pattern or pain affecting you.  If you can do this successfully, then healing can occur and that leads to being better grounded. 

    A person who is well grounded will react a lot better in times of stress than someone who is ungrounded. 

    For example, someone who has a good cry will be more grounded in their body afterward.  They will have let go of some or all of their pain and will function better.  They may be able to take action and make decisions where they weren't able to soundly do before.

    Each of the methods I mention are conducive to creating an environment where grounding can occur.  Healing yourself helps you ground and grounding yourself helps you heal.  Let's start with:

    Key Grounding Method #1 - Clear your mind

    Regardless of what you end up doing, spend time and free yourself of distractions for a few minutes.  That means time without actively being engaged with your partner, friend, pet, work, electronic devices or any other interruption. If you have a busy lifestyle your mind becomes accustomed to planning the next move instead of being in the present, which in turn leads to being less grounded.  To free yourself of distractions and connect deeper within, sit in silence, meditate or go for a walk.  Reconnecting within allows your energetic bodies to better reintegrate with you.

    Key Grounding Method #2 -Consume high energy nutrition plant based foods.

    Processed foods cannot be properly absorbed by the body and causes many issues.  Consuming plant based foods give you energy rather than take it away, therefore allowing your mind, body and spirit to more easily be grounded.  Try to incorporate as many plant based foods as you can in your diet.

    Key Grounding Method #3 -Get plenty of rest

    When sleeping, your mind processes information from that day and helps you try to plan your next day.  If you don't have enough sleep then this cycle can't complete and you don't function as well.  More healing takes place in a fully rested state.

    Key Grounding Method #4 -Take deep breaths using your diaphragm

    Breathing properly has many health benefits.  For example, when I take deep breaths using my diaphragm, my blood pressure goes down.  Breathing deeply will release tension.  It will force you to use your core muscles, thus improving your posture which leads to better grounding.

    Key Grounding Method #5 -Practice a healing modality such as EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or visit a healer

    A healing modality such as EFT allows the release of energy blocks by using your senses while tapping on meridian points.  'How-to' EFT videos are abundant on YouTube.  If you prefer to have someone else help you, get the services of a healing arts practitioner.

    Key Grounding Method #6 - Be around plant life whenever possible

    There's a lot of energy that will benefit you when you surround yourself with plant life.  You don't need to hug a tree, just find a spot where you can be among the Earth and plants.  However, keep in mind that placing a hand on a tree will also heal and ground you since it's connected to the Earth.

    Key Grounding Method #7 - Take a 20 minute bath

    The energy from clean water heals at many levels so take a 20 minute bath or longer, and as frequently as you want.  Some people add sea salt or epsom salts to remove toxins from the body but I would not recommend doing so in a bath which is longer than 20 minutes.  Also, if you aren't comfortable in a bathtub then just soak your feet.

    Key Grounding Method #8 - Light a candle

    Buy a candle that releases few toxins into the environment and light it.  Say a little prayer or ask that your stress melts away in the flame.  You don't need to be close to the candle as 5 or ten feet away will have the same effect.

    Key Grounding Method #9 - Place your hands on the ground

    There are many times where I have used this method and it has by far been the most efficient for me.  I sit on the ground and place my hands flat on the grass or the soil until I feel the energy built up inside me has left my system.  When I want deeper grounding I also place my feet flat on the ground.   Grounding this way does also work indoors also but is not as efficient as touching the Earth.

    Key Grounding Method #10 -Smudge with sage to clear your space

    Once in a while I smudge with sage to clear my space and aura.  I will do my chakras, rooms in the house of even the yard.  Some people do this every day however I do this yearly.  What you do to heal and ground yourself and the frequency is entirely up to you.  Follow your guidance.

    Key Grounding Method #11 -Stones and crystals

    There are many people who have stones and crystals in their space or on their person to keep them grounded.  Some of the grounding stones are shungite or black tourmaline.  An example of a crystal is hematite.  What I use is a pendant from VibesUp.com called the Earth Ionizer Pendant made of crystals and essential oils.  It's the best tool in my arsenal as it handles a lot of lower energies coming my way. 

    Key Grounding Method #12 - Drink healthy, clear alkaline water

    Drink alkaline, chlorine free water to clear out toxins and allow your cells to function optimally.

    Key Grounding Method #13 - Take up Earthing

    An Earthing environment is created by connecting you in your daily life the Earth's energies .  As biological beings we've always lived connected to the Earth, however our lifestyles are such we don't connect directly very often anymore.  Even our footwear insulates us from the Earth's energies.  The Earthing movement is showing promise for a lot of people and I've personally seen improvements with inflammation and general pain in my body within a couple of days.  

    For more information about Earthing and to purchase products: http://earthingcanada.ca/what-is-earthing/

    Here are some key videos about Earthing.  See what Clint Ober knows that could change your life.

    Clint Ober Discusses Earthing Research

    Clint Ober Demonstrates Earthing

    The Grounded - Movie

    Key Grounding Method #14 - Be around like-minded people

    If you are around people who've done a lot of self-development and healing, they will mostly likely be able to help you heal what's affecting you through a process of osmosis.  People who have healed the same part you are dealing with don't share pain back and forth.

    Key Grounding Method #15 - Consider a pet in your life

    This is not for everyone however being in the presence of an animal can be very healing for many reasons.  If the animal lives outside, it already has a connection with Earth energy but it's more than that.  An animal doesn't judge like humans and helps us heal in many ways, which of course leads to being better grounded.

    So there you have it.  Fifteen key methods to help you become more actively grounded in your everyday life.